Strong as Hell

So you’ve probably heard. We lost a giant this weekend.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed the face of our nation and the world. As a woman, I’ve always known I was equal to men, but RBG made that a legal absolute. I remember seeing “On the Basis of Sex” in the theatre with my mom and aunt and feeling overwhelmed with gratitude about all she accomplished. Here we were, three bad-ass women, watching a movie about the most bad-ass woman of all. Her story is inspirational. I can barely do it justice, so if you want to read more, here’s a full biography.

I’ve been struggling to comprehend her death. I’ve been struggling to actually mourn it, because I just feel numb. I feel numb about how every day in America in 2020, I wake up worried we’re going to turn into a dystopian society. That one of these days, all hope really will be lost. In a way, Ruth Bader Ginsburg seemed to be that last ray of hope, and now that light has gone out.

My grief in this case is multifaceted. I’m sad to see the loss of a giant. I’m sad RBG isn’t with us anymore. I’m also grieving for everything she stood for. I’m grieving the fact that as a giant for justice, she blocked acts of discrimination and hatred from ever becoming law. I’m grieving the fact that I, along with so many others, no longer have someone in power that we absolutely know is fighting for us. I’m grieving the idea that the Supreme Court is now a political playground where the ramifications of the other team holding the ball can be catastrophic for women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and any other oppressed peoples in America.

And then I just get desperately sad that all of that, all the pressure to uphold decency and fairness, rested on one 87-year-old woman with cancer. She was a fighter till the end, and she shouldn’t have had the weight of an entire nation on her shoulders.

Her dying wish shouldn’t have needed to be that our current tyrannical leader not be allowed to choose her replacement. But it was. So we need to work to guarantee that wish becomes a reality.

Like I said, she was a fighter till the end. And watching her fight the good fight for years and years makes me damn proud to be a woman. And it makes me feel as ready as ever to pick up the torch and continue her good work.

Because women are strong as hell.

We may have been wounded, but we will prevail. We may have lost a leader, but we will prevail. We may feel beaten down right now, taking hits from left and right, but we will prevail.

We will rise up and refuse to take unfair treatment from anyone. We will implore our senators not to confirm a new judge until after this election cycle, like the Republicans did with Obama’s final nominee. And we will vote. We will vote like our lives depend on it, because our lives absolutely do depend on it.

And you know what, I’m sick and tired of writing politically charged posts and apologizing for getting intense or taking a radical stand. I’m tired of trying to make sure everyone is happy. So I’m not apologizing anymore. Because if you support what I write, if you support the idea that every person on this earth should be allowed to pursue their own happiness and joy, then you shouldn’t be supporting Trump. I stand for unity, positivity, peace, and love. That man stands for division, hostility, harm, and hate.

You cannot support Trump while loving someone who is LGBT+. Your support of Trump directly harms them. You cannot support Trump while loving a person of color. Your support of Trump directly harms them. You cannot support Trump while loving an immigrant. Your support of Trump directly harms them. And lastly, you cannot support Trump while loving a woman and believing she has autonomy over her body and the same rights, opportunities, and respect as a man. Trump doesn’t believe this. He is actively fighting against this. Your support of Trump directly harms m, and the half of the American population with a vagina.

So here is what I ask the women of America: do you think Trump would have nominated an RBG to the Supreme Court? Or do you think he’s going to try and nominate a man who wants to regulate your body, tell you and/or your children who they’re allowed to love, and throw people out of a country that is rumored to be the land of opportunity for all? I don’t want to live in a place where basic human rights are stripped away from people who aren’t straight, white men. I have no interest in living in a country with the ability to disconnect from compassion on such a sustained, heightened level. I won’t do it.

So I’m fighting. I’m doing what Ruth would want me to do, what she would want all of us to do. I’m writing Senators, I’m talking to friends, I’m making sure people I know are registered to vote.

Because I’m a woman, which means I’m strong as hell. And you can try to bury us, you can try to ignore us, you can try to control us, but we refuse to yield. We refuse to weaken. We refuse to give in.

We will fight with every ounce of compassion, love, respect, and empathy we can muster. We will fight with the ferocity that Ruth Bader Ginsburg showed up until her last day on earth.

In the words of RBG herself, “it’s time to fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” So I ask all the notorious, nasty women out there, plus any men who want to join the cause, what’s our next move?


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