Who and What are you Drafting?

Here she goes again! Amanda is writing another post about football and creating some weird metaphor around it. You’ve got that right! Because honestly coming up with unique Coronavirus content can be tricky, and this seemed like fun…

So this past weekend was the NFL draft. In case you don’t know what that is, it's a weekend long event where professional football teams go through a rotation to pick college players to add to their rosters. It’s exciting to see what new players you’re getting on your team and it's always emotional to watch these big guys tear up that their lifelong dream to play in the NFL is going to come true.

I can’t imagine the pressure the general managers and owners feel when they are making those crucial picks. They’re basically putting together a big puzzle. You have to fit in the players that you need while maintaining a budget of your current players’ salaries and you need to think about the future team you’re building as well as your immediate needs. Not to mention all of the analysts and fans who are critiquing your every move. Honestly, it sounds like a stressful job.

Right now, we kinda all have a stressful job, too. The stressful job of navigating our new normal and surviving during the COVID-19 quarantine.

And as with any stressful situation, you need a good team to get you through it.

Maybe your team right now is like the Kansas City Chiefs, fresh off a Super Bowl and looking great. You’re killing this quarantine thing. You’re into a good “working from home” routine and you’ve gotten stuff done around the house and you’ve even picked up a few old hobbies. For you, the draft is an added bonus, but not a huge necessity.

Maybe your team right now is like the Miami Dolphins, and you’ve really been struggling lately. (I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am very excited to bash the Miami Dolphins to build a metaphor.) You’re a young team and this new situation makes you feel even more unstable. Maybe you don’t feel strong on any fronts, offense, defense, or special teams, so you don’t know how to navigate a loss of income, manage your anxiety over the situation, and fight off your boredom. You’re facing a much bigger challenge; you need all three picks in the first round of the draft just to create a foundation for how you’re going to survive your new normal.

Of course these are two extremes. Maybe you’re a mediocre 8-8 team who has a solid foundation, but with a few new draft picks you can get you to a winning record. Or you could be like the Buffalo Bills, on the rise who’s draft picks have poised them to be truly spectacular. Our current population, just like the 32 NFL teams is all over the board.

I think the cool thing about the NFL draft is that no matter your situation, you still get to draft new players. Whether you’re killing it or getting killed, you have the opportunity to get more help.

And honestly, I don’t think anyone has ever regretted asking for help.

So with the first pick in the 2020 COVID-19 Draft, what are you going to select?

FaceTime dates with friends? A new art project? Ignoring the news for the day? Sticking to a planner? Applying for online work? Junk food and wine?

What is going to help strengthen the “team” of activities and attitudes that will help you get through an international crisis? And remember, in order for a team to work well together, you need players who fit all your needs.

Maybe today’s playbook involves a bubble bath and a bottle of wine. Maybe tomorrow's game plan will be simply making a game plan and sticking to a to-do list. Maybe one strategy works for a few plays and then you need to switch it up and try something different.

We’re all playing this game called “living during the Coronavirus.” Don’t we all want to do whatever it takes to win?

I don’t know about you, but when everything started six weeks ago, I felt very discouraged because it was happening to me which meant I couldn’t control it. But as time has gone on and we’ve adapted to this new normal, I’ve realized the things I can control.

I get to draft my team.

I get to choose what play to run for today. I get to decide if I’ll be creative or stay active or get work done or reach out to friends. I get to decide if I want my motivated players or my “give yourself grace and allow for rest” players. I get to draft the help I need. And you do too.

I hope you draft a great team. I hope the team you put together fits your needs perfectly and wins against every opponent you face. I hope the people and things you’re relying on during this time help you navigate your current situation. I hope you win, and honestly, I’m sure that you will.

Congrats on a great draft class. Congrats on all the ways you are helping yourself right now. We will all get through this, and I’m proud of you for helping yourself get through it in the best way possible.

Sending love and good vibes.


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