What Cannot Be Closed, Cancelled, or Quarantined

The world is in hysterics. Fear of the Coronavirus is everywhere. Businesses and schools across the country are shutting down. The economy is getting worse and worse. Not to mention the people who are sick and flooding hospitals all over the world. It’s a scary time, and I’m worried we’re nowhere near the end of it.

I have a lot of thoughts about the current situation. I don’t necessarily want to dive into them because they’re mostly thoughts of sadness and frustration, and I make it my goal to spread the opposite of those two things with this blog.

So for today, instead of dwelling on the things that are being closed or cancelled, let’s remember what can’t be closed...

You can’t close love.

You can’t end friendships and conversations and memories and art and self care.

You can’t quarantine good will and genuine empathy.

This is a crisis. And sometimes a crisis brings out some beautiful moments and reminds us that at its core, humanity is good. There are already examples of this.... Medical professionals are working around the clock to try and find a cure for this disease. Sports fans are donating money to workers at those arenas who are suddenly out of a job due to closures. Theatre goers are donating their tickets instead of asking for refunds to help keep those companies afloat after productions have been cancelled. And I’m sure there are other little acts of compassion happening around the world.

Maybe this is a time to simply slow down. Maybe staying home from work will give you the opportunity for some much needed quality time with your family. Maybe a few days at home will let you catch up on your self care that you’ve desperately been needing. Maybe you’re like me and you have to put a limit on your social media intake right now with all the hysteria, but maybe that will allow you a break from all that extra noise.

I tend to lean to the “everything happens for a reason” mentality. I’ll often try to stay optimistic and find a bright side to everything. Well with our current situation, even I can admit that this is a really tough time to look for the good.

But there’s one thing that nothing can cancel. Nothing can cancel the resilience of the human spirit.

We’ve survived for thousands of years. It’s scary right now, but history shows that we’ll survive this as well. And we will do it together.

So while this is a scary time for us all, lean into the good you can find. Lean into that connection you get to make with a friend. Lean into the extra time you get to practice a hobby with your extra free time. Lean into the spirit of helping and supporting each other.

Fear wins by making us feel alone and hopeless. So however you’re coping with the stress of this crisis, I hope you’re not doing it alone. Find your people, let them lift you up, and check in on them in turn. See the hope in how much we’re all caring for each other. See the hope that communities are still loving and supporting each other. And see the hope that these closures and quarantines won’t last forever.

We’ll make it through this. Just remember that they haven’t closed or cancelled our hope, our love, or our spirit. And they never will.

Love to you all.


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