I recently moved from Indiana to Florida. People keep asking how Florida is, and so far, my go to answer is “oh ya know, very hot and humid!” *insert cheesy thumbs up*

Then I get the friends and family that ask me how it's really going, and they expect an actual answer… which is just a little more complicated.

I’m not naive. I know transitions are hard. It’s hard to leave everything you know behind and start a new life and a new journey in a new place with all new people. Can you catch my drift that it's all

I’m not used to new. I lived the first 18 years of my life in the same house in Carmel, IN then went to college an hour away at Ball State University, the Harvard of Muncie, then I came back to the Indianapolis suburbs for two years post grad. And while there were new jobs, new experiences, and new people throughout those years, there was always a foundation of “same.” Of familiarity. Of home.

But I decided that home will always be home, and I needed to branch out and spread my wings and try something new. I had nothing holding me back and dreams to perform at Disney, so I packed up, and I came to Orlando.

And overall, it's been great. New, and great. Disney World is my backyard, you guys. How in the world can you complain or feel bored or lonely when Disney World is your backyard, right? Right???

Maybe not so much.

It feels silly that one of my early blog posts on a site called “Living Joy-Full” is about some days when I’m feeling more anxiety than joy. But just like anything, you have to experience the lower times in order for the happy ones to exist and really mean something.

I’m going to be candid. This transition is starting to feel tough. I’ve been here for almost two weeks, and I’ve already crossed most things off my to-do list. I’m working out everyday, I’ve had networking meetings, I found a dance studio, I’m applying for jobs, I’m practicing for auditions, heck, I even got this blog up and running. And then there are the other 10 hours of each day to fill.

So I go to Disney, or I sit at a local Starbucks and people watch, or I meet up with old friends in the area. When the motivation is there, I’m finding things to do and ways to occupy my time. I just miss having a community of people to do them with. I’m an extrovert, remember, and all this alone time is starting to feel pretty draining.

But hey, I moved here alone. I did the thing! I was brave! But even in that bravery, its okay to admit that it’s still hard and it’s still scary.

This is not a pity party, because I know that in 3 months, I’ll have a job, and coworkers, and auditions to go to, and friends from dance class, and stronger bonds with my roommates. It won’t be long till I find a community. I know that is all coming, and I know I won’t be down for long. I’m looking down the tunnel to a happy ending, but some days that just feels pretty far away.

So we keep going. We look for the moments of positivity and meaning in every day. Even if it was as simple as 30 minutes working on a new song or watching a show with your roommate and doing a puzzle. I was recently reminded of something my therapist once told me. That you need to look for the meaningful days, not just the productive ones.

Transitions are hard, and they don’t happen in the blink of an eye. It takes time to adapt to a new space and connect with a new community. Plus, good things happen when you take the leap, even when you don’t see the net. So enjoy the time. Take a breath (cause when was the last time you got to do that?). Soldier on.

If you’re going through a transition of any kind, remember that you’re exactly where you need to be for your journey. And no one can take that away from you. Continue to journey forward whether your destination is clear or cloudy. Because, I promise, one day, we will all get where we’re going.


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