Saying I Love You

Words are powerful, I’ve said that before. Words have the power to spread joy and goodness and also spread derision and hate. With the recent political climate, the later seems to be all too prevalent online and in our daily conversations.

So what can we do? Sadly, there isn’t a straightforward answer. There’s no quick fix to bringing more joy into the world overall. There’s no easy road map for having difficult conversations. But there are quick fix ways to try and bring some more light into our lives one day, one conversation at a time.

And that is why, every single conversation I’ve had with friends or family has ended the same way this week. With one simple phrase: “I love you.”

I was hanging out with some friends the other day when this concept came up. We started to question why everyone doesn’t just say I love you more? We all were sharing our affection and admiration for each other all night. It feels normal to us, and we can’t imagine how sad it would be to not feel that same sense of love and belonging everyday.

When did love become a radical thing? Why did saying it become controversial? And when on earth did romantic relationships claim monopoly over those three little words?

I think we should normalize saying I love you to everyone. And I know I’m not alone, because I’ve seen posts and memes circulating Facebook with this exact same message.

Normalize saying I love you.

Say it to your friends, say it to your family, say it to your pets, say it to yourself. Whatever situation, make the choice to spread a little more love.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore my friends. I love connecting with them. They fill my life up. And I’m not just talking about my best friends or friends that feel more like family. I’m talking about everyone. I genuinely love them all so much.

This past week, I’ve connected with a few people that I don’t talk to as regularly. Even those conversations ended with a simple “love you, friend! Thanks for chatting today!”

I got a text out of the blue today from an old friend just reminding me that he loved me. It made my day.

You never know what people are going through. You never know who may need to hear a simple reminder that they are loved, valued, and appreciated. Give that gift unreservedly. Spread the love, share the joy.

There’s a reason my personal Instagram bio says “Spread love.” Because I think that is truly the most beautiful, wonderful thing we can do. To spread love, and spread it abundantly.

I’m keeping today’s message short and sweet, because I think, at its core, loving big and loving often is simple.

So I’ll leave you with this.

I love you. My friends, my readers, my community. I love you so much. You bring me joy when you want to connect with my words. You are loved by so many people in your own circle, and you’re also very much loved by me.

Who in your life are you going to say “I love you” to today? Who are you going to spread that joy with?

I dare you to start throwing “I love you”s around like confetti. Just wait and see how beautiful your life will become.


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