My Wish for You This Christmas

My wish for you this Christmas is the same as every day.

A wish that you find happiness that never goes away.

I wish you joy, I wish you love, I wish you cheeriness.

I wish that just like Mary, you’re evening is truly blessed.

The world can seem so hard at times, it’s easy to feel sad.

It's easy to take a look and see the nasty, the ugly, the bad.

But you my friend are different, you’re a warrior of light

You have the power of sunshine in you to give the dark a fright.

So my wish this year for Christmas is that the spirit keeps on living

That after December 25th, we are still in a season of giving.

Christmas tends to bring out all the extra good inside,

We say hello to strangers and we volunteer with pride.

But who’s to say that kindness is reserved for just one day

What a world we’d have if we decided that’s our way.

We’d greet each day with wonder and be amazed at our beautiful world

We would smile on every corner and never walk with our brows furled.

What an opportunity to be an ambassador for good

If you had the chance to spread some joy, I think that you would.

So my wish for you this Christmas is that you make the choice to start

To live your life not just from mind, but truly from your heart.

My wish is that it changes you, and brings you greater peace.

My wish for you is that your blessings truly never cease.

So a very Merry Christmas, to you, to one and all.

May it be the best of days that you ever did recall.

Then may your life go on to be as beautiful as today

My wish for you this Christmas is that your joy is here to stay.

Love to you all,


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