Little Victories

Have you ever accomplished something major? Like graduating college or launching a new business? It’s exciting, right?? Just an awesome feeling of pride when you accomplish something that big.

Here’s a different question for you, have you ever accomplished something small? Like folding your laundry after its been in the hamper for a week or finishing a puzzle? We accomplish little things like this every day, but honestly, sometimes it can feel just as exciting.

Today’s post is brought to you by those little victories that often happen without recognition.

This week, I finally bought my own car insurance. And you guys, I am so excited about it. I would say that I’m almost unreasonably proud of myself, but why in the world should my excitement over my achievement be considered unreasonable?

Let’s be real, insurance agents are scary. Car insurance is confusing. I am merely a beginner adult and getting insurance meant I had to navigate a lot of stuff that I had no clue how to navigate. These are the reasons why it took me a few months to even brave making a simple phone call.

So, heck yea, I’m going to celebrate this victory.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the crazy to-do lists we have today. As I learn more about anxiety and depression, the more I understand how seemingly easy and mundane tasks can pile up and weigh on your mind for days, weeks, and months. It’s not that these are hard tasks individually, but your brain tricks you into thinking that all together they’re impossible. I have mild anxiety, and this is definitely one of the ways that it manifests. I put off simple things, and then my to-do list just grows, and then I feel like I can’t accomplish anything, and I feel trapped. So when I have a day where I knock some of these things off my list, big or small, I let myself celebrate.

Universally, I’d say we can all relate to the feeling of checking something off your to-do list. It’s an amazing feeling. “Hey look at me, I did something, I get a nice, pretty check mark! Go me!”

We often associate the words “victory” and “success” with something grand like winning the big game or buying a new house. But don’t forget that your day is filled with little victories and mini successes. I cooked a healthy breakfast today, go me! I made my bed for the 7th day in a row, go me! I did something creative that fueled my soul today, go me! You don’t have to be inventing calculus or painting the Mona Lisa to be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished.

Sometimes, just starting to tackle a new task is a reason to get excited. Remember, baby steps are still steps. Sometimes it may feel like you’re climbing a giant mountain just to get through a little bump. Sometimes it takes all your energy to cook your own meal or pay a bill. Whether it was easy or extremely difficult, you still did it. You were victorious. Go you!

So let’s celebrate the small stuff, shall we? Let’s shout it out when we’ve accomplished all our tasks. Big ones, and small. I’m proud of you that you got a new job and I’m also proud of you that you showered today! I wrote a post earlier this year about how you can’t compare your struggles to those of others, well you also don’t get to compare your victories.

You accomplished something great just by waking up this morning. Because now you get to add your incredible personality and sparkle to the world today. How cool is that??

Life is made up of major moments, but a lot of minor memories as well. And when you assess the culmination of all of your small achievements, you’ll start to see a picture of a beautifully successful life.


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