I Wish I Was Rolling Silverware

I work as a server. Overall, I like my job. I love my coworkers and I like getting to interact with interesting people from all over the world during my shifts. But as with any job, there are definitely things about it that drive me crazy. I get easily stressed out when I get triple sat and side work is never my favorite thing in the world. One thing I really hate at the end of my shift is rolling silverware. For those of you who don’t know, this is a task for servers at the end of the night to take clean forks and knives and roll them into linens to set out on the tables for the next day. Honestly, it's tedious and usually an annoying task at the end of the night when you just want to go home, and I’m sure most servers can relate to this.

Y’all, right now, I wish I was rolling silverware.

As with most people in the art and hospitality industries, the rise of COVID-19 cost me my job. While I am technically unemployed at the moment, my restaurant does intend to rehire the staff after this crisis which is the good news. But I can’t help but wondering when that is going to be?

I feel like we can all relate to the scary and hopeless feeling of our lives being upended for who knows how long. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been craving a sense of normalcy and getting back to my regular routine. And I’ve really been missing work.

I miss my coworkers. I miss being busy and stressed. I miss having a place to go everyday. I miss making memories for guests. And yea, I even miss rolling silverware.

In times of trial and tragedy, a whole lot of stuff gets put into perspective. And I feel like our whole world is getting a little perspective right now. When everything is taken away, we have the opportunity to appreciate the people that continue to lift us up and we appreciate all the things we take for granted in our day to day.

I talk about gratitude a lot, but now finding the good and the gratitude is more important than ever. I’m grateful for things now that I never thought twice about before the world went on lockdown. I typically go out to a Starbucks or a park to write my blogs, and now that's no longer an option. I never thought I would miss the normalcy of standing in line at the grocery with someone and not worrying that we’re closer than 6 feet apart. Going out with friends to the parks, the movies, or a bar are the highlights of my weeks and honestly what makes my life feel full. And it's really hard to not be able to do that right now.

I’m not saying you can replace feeling sad or upset about the current situation. Goodness knows I’m sad about it. I’m just saying that this is an opportunity to take stock of the beautiful aspects of everyday life that often go unnoticed.

And when all this is over and we get back to normal, let's reach for that gratitude rather than negativity. The next time I get to go to work and I have to roll silverware, I’ll think twice before I complain. Because when I get to go back and roll silverware it will mean that I have a job again. It will mean I get to be around my work family again. It will mean we can go to the bar afterwards and socialize. It will mean things are back to normal.

Back to normal, but with a special twist. A deep appreciation for the simple parts of life. The people you get to hug, the memories you get to make, and the security of working to achieve something. And yes, even appreciating the tedious and trying aspects of our jobs.

Things are tough right now. And they may be tough for a little while, but this too shall pass. And when it does, how are you going to carry that spirit of gratitude and your new perspective into your everyday life?

Sending love and virtual hugs to anyone who needs them.


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