Hey, Old Friend

I love my friends so much. My friends are the most special people in my life after my family. They get me through and lift me up and just bring me the most joy.

I’m 24, so in the scheme of life, I’m still very young. I don’t have a lot of people that I really get to call “old friends” because I am in fact, not old. However, I have recently started reconnecting with some people who, for the purpose of this blog post, I will call my “old friends.”

It’s crazy to me how people can become an important part of your life right when they’re supposed to.

College sometimes felt like a revolving door of close relationships. I made a point of being involved in as many things as I could, which meant my group of close confidants was constantly growing and changing. I had friends in my sorority, where I worked, in my classes, in my department, from my residence hall, in the fraternity I hung out with, and the list goes on.

Being a single, childless young adult in a new place has created more of a challenge in the realm of acquiring friends. You simply don’t have the same opportunities you did when you were in school or your hometown. And while I’m definitely making an effort to find new friends, I’ve realized how grateful I am in this time for my old friends.

Growing up, the group of people you know mostly exists in your hometown. Post graduation and after a few years in the workforce, you start to know many more people in many different places. That’s why moving to Florida, I knew I wouldn’t be completely alone. I have some old friends who live here, or within a drivable distance. And these people aren’t necessarily the ones who I’ve kept up with everyday since we met, but they’re the people who have been incredible to rely on in this time of transition.

Me feeling all the joy while visiting an old friend recently in Miami.

Old friends are such a beautiful thing. They know your story. Maybe not every chapter, but enough where you don’t have to constantly explain why you are the way you are. The friendship is starting from a place of knowledge. They already know I like the Buffalo Bills and have a degree in Musical Theatre. Conversations can be focused on current events rather than the small talk of “where are you from?” or “what brought you to Florida?” You can show off your quirks, because at this point you’re not really worried they’re going to run away.

And when you’re like me, and you’re existing in a new state of relative uncertainty, it sure is nice to have some stable friends.

Reconnecting with old friends in Florida has been such a gift. I mean these are people who I used to share my important life moments with, who I pulled all nighters at the library the day before the project was due with, and the people who have seen me through heartbreak and happiness. And now it’s like no time has passed at all.

That’s the beauty of friendships, unless you have some freakish falling out, the friendship will always be there. The history will always be there. And the mutual compassion will always be there.

You can always rely on old friends. Whether you need them today or you’ll need them in 20 years. Or even if you needed them at a time, and now they may have transitioned to a different role in your life.

“Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.” And while new flowers bloom everyday, it's the old ones that become even more beautiful with time. And there are certain flowers that are in your bouquet for certain seasons. After all, you use tulips in the spring rather than winter and summer is mainly reserved for sunflowers. Likewise, your friends fit into and compliment your season of life.

I truly believe God puts certain people in your life at exactly the right time. All the people in my life have taught me something and lifted me up right when I needed them to. I’ve had God speak to me through my friend’s advice that has led my life down the path I’ve been traveling on.

My group of people I rely on looks different now then it did a few months ago. There are some people who have been on that list for many years, there are some people who recently have been added. Then there are the old friends, the people who will be on that list forever and who I will forever be grateful for.

So reach out to an old friend today. Whether they’ve been an important part of your story, or just for one specific chapter many moons ago. Reach out to say thank you. To honor that friendship and its impact on your life. Because old friends represent the colors from your past and the foundation for your future. They’re one of life’s greatest gifts. One that I happen to be especially grateful for.


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