Goal Getters

The holidays kicked my butt in terms of motivation. Here I was, after a whole year of keeping up with goals and moving forward, the holidays rolled around and I went into total “its the holidays, I get to take a break and treat myself” mentality.

But it's the new year, and I’m ready to kick my butt back into gear.

What do you do to stick to your goals? Honestly, I’m really asking. Because it's the hardest thing for me to do. Committing to goals and waking up every day with the same energy and motivation to pursue them is really tough. I get into negative patterns. Or I’ll get busy with the things that actually don’t matter to me.

This is where living a creative, purposeful life can get kinda tricky. As an actor, I have a day job. I work as a server in a restaurant. Sometimes on a double shift, I arrive at 11 am and leave at midnight with one 30 minute break. (If you think that sounds ridiculous and crazy, sympathize with me by always tipping your servers well, okay??). I mean, where in those 13 hours of serving burgers and pasta am I supposed to practice my craft? Or cook and go to the gym? Or work on my self care??

Finding the time to commit to your dreams or your goals or your hobbies can be so so difficult in this world that continuously pressures us to cram every day full of activities. And while right now we’re in the first few days of New Year's resolutions and things are looking up, I’m more nervous about what happens on February 1st, or March 12th, or November 24th.

How do we keep up with our goals when life inevitably gets in the way?

First, I think we can stop putting pressure on ourselves to fix everything in our lives all at once. If you make a million resolutions to start a diet, start a workout plan, start taking a new class, cut out soda, wake up an hour earlier every morning, start dating again, and every other resolution under the sun, you may start to feel overwhelmed. You’re not Superman, and you’re not going to become the perfect picture of a human being in one day. Let go of that pressure right now.

If all these resolutions and new goals intimidate you, pare it down. What if instead of making 15 new little adjustments, you start with one? An adjustment in attitude.

Rather than making resolutions, I like to try and adopt one or two words that I really want to embody in the new year. My word for 2019 was intentionality. I wanted to be more intentional with my time, a goal I’m clearly still working on, and more intentional with the people in my life. Telling them I love them and appreciate them more often. And I really wanted to be intentional with the energy I put out into the world. Working to actually spread love and joy rather than keep any of that to myself.

Overall, I think I did a decent job embodying the idea of intentionality last year. I’ll take that as a win!

This year’s word was pretty easy for me to come up with:


A lot of my life has changed in the past year. But I’m at a point where I am more set up for success than I’ve ever been. Because of the steps I’ve been taking, I now live in a city where my dream job is located and I’m taking classes and working to achieve that goal. No longer is my dream a passive thought, but I’m actively seeking it in a way I’ve never done before.

How exciting is that??

And now is the time when I can’t get lazy. I have to remain dedicated. I have to wake up every day with the same energy and passion that got me here. And while I can savor the fact that I’ve come this far, there is still so much further to go. I’ve set myself up to achieve my goals, now I have to get there.

Cause this year, I’m dedicated to being a goal getter.

What’s a goal you want to achieve this year? Now, what’s the attitude you need to embody in order to achieve that goal? Do you have a word to embody during 2020?

Share it with me! I would love to be the first cheerleader for you in the pursuit of your passions!

You can do anything you set your mind to. I wholeheartedly believe that. It’s only a matter of setting your mind to it and following it your heart to get there.

May the beginning of your New Year be blessed, and every day after that get you one step closer to the person you want to become and the life you want to be living.

Love always,


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