Bad Days Happen, But So Do Tomorrows

Sunday was a bad day. I went to an audition in the morning, and I was grumpy and groggy on my way to it and carried some of that negative energy into the room. My football team won, so that was awesome, but I probably had one too many beers while watching the game, and I came home to collapse and take a 3 hour nap when I really needed to be productive that evening. And that night I couldn’t fall asleep even after trying to meditate for an hour. I just had way too many thoughts running through my head, mainly about how upset I was at myself for having a bad day.

So yea, overall not the greatest.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my bad days leave me feeling really ashamed. I’m ashamed at myself for not being able to feel better, and I’m ashamed that I let a day slip away into negativity and non-productivity. It’s beyond frustrating.

You know when you’re in the middle of a bad day and you just feel like you’re drowning? Nothing seems to be going right and you can’t even complete small tasks like texting someone back or going through your emails. And as hard as you try to go out and do something that will turn the day around, you feel stuck in this ruminating cycle of disappointment and sadness.

I’m writing this on Monday, and honestly, I’m kinda in that overwhelmed and drowning place right now.

I’m starting to feel homesick. I miss my family and my friends, especially because we’re coming up on the holiday season. I’m feeling unmotivated. I’m over a month into this big life move, and I’m starting to get scared that it was all a big mistake. And even though I don’t truly believe this was all a mistake, it feels that way at this moment in time, and that makes me scared and sad.

So here we go again, it’s feeling like another bad day.

But you know what? Bad days happen. Sometimes they’re a one off, sometimes we’ll have a couple of bad days in a row, or even a bad week or month. It happens to all of us, even to the people that always seem to be staying strong and keeping it all together.

I’m allowed to have a day where I falter. I’m allowed to feel sad for a while. I’m allowed to have a crappy day.

And you’re allowed to have a bad day too. Sometimes it is okay to simply feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s even okay to let the bad day be. To simply mull over your feelings, watch old rom coms, and eat the entire roll of cookie dough in the fridge. As important as self care/self help days are, sometimes all the care you need is to acknowledge your feelings of sadness and anxiety and general crappiness.

Because bad days happen, but thankfully, so do tomorrows.

Tomorrow is such a beautiful word. It’s full of possibility and promise. And on your worst days, tomorrow can be a symbol of a fresh start and a brighter day.

It sounds like the cheesiest thing in the world to just “look toward a brighter tomorrow” or to say “tomorrow is a brand new day.” And hey, sometimes the cheesiest sayings ring the most true. Just remember that even though it may seem cheesy to focus on tomorrow, it’s sometimes the brave thing to simply forget about today.

Release is not an easy thing. It’s hard to let go of stress and fear and sadness. Looking toward tomorrow may seem like an easy way out, but the trick is to try to truly leave yesterday in the past. So a bad day crept up today, but we refuse to give it the power to creep into the rest of the week or the month or the year.

As I finish writing this, its Tuesday morning. So, it’s “tomorrow.” And you know what, I woke up happier. I woke up more refreshed. I woke up ready to write a new page in my life story that has nothing to do with the tainted pages of yesterday and the day before.

So if you’re going through a bad day or a rough patch, I believe in you that you’re going to get through it. Just remember, you’ve lived through 100% of your worst days so far. You’ll make it through this, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the endless possibilities of tomorrow.


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