Here We Go

Hello, this is your average 20-something trying to figure out this thing we call life.  And as someone who likes to talk, write, and also have people listen to me, I thought I could start writing a blog.  “Living Joy-Full” is my love letter to life and the choices we make while living it.  Hopefully by taking some of you on this journey with me, we can all feel less alone.  So I will say up front: thank you for reading.  As an actor and artist, I like to think I have some words to add in the world, so thank you for being my audience.




I’ve always been a creator.  A few years ago, writing became more of a tool for me.  It was a way to clear my headspace, motivate my mornings, and help my mental health.  Then I started bringing my writing into my therapy sessions. I would read passages out loud to express the truth of how I was feeling.  Essentially writing it all out took my jumbled mess of emotions and wonderings and made them comprehensible.  

They were never supposed to be anything beyond that.  My journals were my personal notebooks of woes and celebrations.  Besides, I could never share out loud the days when life was going down the toilet or even the days when I was feeling totally awesome and in control.  Sharing is scary, but my therapist said something that stuck with me, “sharing is also brave.”

So this is me being brave and sharing my life experiences.  No reservations, no hiding my imperfections. This is real and true.  And I hope sharing my experiences, my lowest lows, and my highest highs may help prove something that is universally true.  We’re all in this together and no one is alone. This is a celebration. A celebration of life and living it joy-full. I hope I can help you find the courage to live a joy-full life that you’re proud of and extremely excited about.